There Are Three Types Of Men’s Fashion… As Seen On BTS’s Jin, RM, And V

Take your pick, if you can pick.

BTS arrived at the Incheon International Airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles, California for a live iHeartRadio event and The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Here, the members Jin, RM, and V showed up in outfits that perfectly represent their personalities — and their styles, while being drastically different from one another, are prime examples of how guys dress!

Jin, in his baseball cap, varsity jacket, slim-fit jeans, backpack, and sneakers, is the composed hyung. Just like his down-to-earth personality, Jin’s outfit is cute but practical, trendy but comfortable, easy but classic.

On the other hand, RM came dressed in all black. This ninja look actually describes RM’s personality down to a T. He is, like his long black coat, modern chic and sophisticated. As his fashion suggests, RM is brainy smart, refined, and most of all — sexy AF.

And finally, there is V. His outfit consisted of an oversized denim jacket, a yellow crossbody bag, and loose fitting tan-colored trousers. Topped with his poodle-curly hair, V looked artsy and carefree. Who better than Vante to pull off this cool, hipster, avant-garde vibe?

And ARMYs can’t quite decide which they like best — that is to say, Jin vs. RM vs. V is one heck of a competition. Fortunately, there isn’t a need to decide. ARMYs have come to appreciate all three types of BTS: Casual, chic, and cool!