Tia Officially Leaves Chocolat Sparking Group Disbandment Rumours

Tia shocked her followers today after she announced her departure from girl group, Chocolat

On February 7th, Tia updated her personal Instagram account with a personal statement about her departure. Although the group has not made a return to the local music scene for a quite time, many were still astonished of her leave.

Here was what she said:

Hello, everyone,

I first wanted to thank all of my fans for the love and support you have given throughout the years. Due to my contract coming to an end, I will no longer be able to work as Chocolat Tia. I do plan to continue pursuing my music and am continuously working on my own projects. Please anticipate my comeback and I ask that you all support my future activities. Thank you again and I love you all.

-Former Chocolat member Tia

The statement and mention of the group’s contract expiring immediately led to further speculations that the group may disband. It was considered that Tia made her debut with the group as the main dancer and vocalist of the group back in 2011.

Chocolat has not promoted as a group since “Black Tinkerbell” back in 2013.