Tickets To BTS’s London Concert Are Selling For Shockingly High Prices

A.R.M.Y has launched a petition to prohibit ticket resales.

BTS fans are outraged after tickets for the BTS World Tour UK dates became unavailable then appeared with resale prices as high as £12,000 (approximately $16,000 USD).


The tickets in question are for BTS’s October 9 and 10 London shows at the O2 Arena, which has a capacity of 20,000. When logging on to attempt to buy these tickets, fans saw the following message:


The tickets, originally listed at £62.50-£160 ($83 – $214 USD), sold out in less than 10 minutes, then reappeared on resale sites such as GetMeIn, Viagog, and StubHub for up to 150 times the face value. Fans were unimpressed, to say the least.


Prior to the ticket sale date, O2 released this statement on Twitter:

All BTS World Tour shows have not had the option of presale or priority tickets, which has led to extra stress for fans hoping to attend these in-demand concerts.


After the tickets were sold out, O2 released this follow-up statement:

Other than advising fans to use verified resellers, O2 did not offer fans any other options.


In the wake of this outrageous turn of events, A.R.M.Y took to social media to ask O2 and Ticketmaster for help.



So far, fans have not been happy with the “help” they have received.


One BTS fan, Angela Lee, gave Metro this insight into the fandom’s strife.

“The tickets went on sale at 8.59am, if I wasn’t already online then I wouldn’t have even realised, and what makes it worse is that by the time it was 9.01am all the tickets were apparently sold out with tout sites marking these up to £1,000+. “What makes the situation even worse is that I’ve been with O2 for over 10 years but then they decided to take off the priority sale at the eleventh hour.”  Angela Lee, A.R.M.Y.


Fans are protesting the sky-high resale prices and have accused the O2 of taking advantage of fans by allowing these expensive resales to happen.


A.R.M.Y has even launched a petition, asking Big Hit Entertainment to prohibit resale tickets. The petition is well on its way to meeting its 5,000 signature quota.


Ticketmaster is believed to be taking follow-up measures to ensure tickets do not end up in the hands of scalpers, as they have done for other BTS World Tour shows. Unfortunately, this does not completely bar tickets from being sold at high prices.


In spite of everything, BTS fans are encouraging each other to stay strong in the face of adversity and to keep trying to find tickets.


Stay strong, A.R.M.Y!

Source: Daily Mail