Tiffany gives Taeyeon a gift she asked for 7 years ago

Taeyeon revealed that she received a birthday gift from Tiffany that she actually asked for 7 years ago in 2010.

Taeyeon’s birthday passed recently and fans were curious what type of gift she received from Tiffany, especially after she gifted Tiffany with an incredible necklace worth over $3,000 for her birthday.

A fan was able to ask Taeyeon this question and Taeyeon’s response was simple.

“I received Tiffany’s love.”

— Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon was asked what she wanted as a birthday gift back in 2010 and she requested Tiffany’s love. Seven years later, she has received her wish!

Tiffany also previously revealed that Taeyeon helped her a lot when preparing for her solo album I Just Wanna Dance.

“Unlike Taeyeon, I have prepared dance performances. Even still, I learned so much by watching Taeyeon perform as a soloist. She gave me a lot of advice and help while I was preparing for my solo. She’s a big help and also my best friend for 12 years.”

— Girls’ Generations Tiffany

Source: Mydaily