Tiffany Young Sang Girls’ Generation In A Karaoke Cab, And The Driver’s Reaction Was Priceless

His reaction still makes Tiffany crack up 😂

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young was so beloved in her precious Vogue Korea interview that she returned and shared her funny experience with a karaoke cab.

Tiffany Young

When she was in Mokpo, Tiffany Young came across a cab with a special feature. Although it looked like a normal cab with a sign that claimed they were the “best driver for fifteen years,” she noticed something unique.

As soon as it pulled closer, Tiffany Young saw “there was a disco ball inside the cab” and “a karaoke machine.

She took full advantage of the features, singing Davichi‘s “8282” the entire ride. For the final song, she decided to switch it up with a song from Girls’ Generation’s early days. Tiffany Young sang “Into The New World”.

Proud of her group’s hit song and her confidence in singing it, she asked the driver, “What do you think?” His unexpected response made her laugh.

The driver said, “I guess you can pursue a career in singing if you want.” Even remembering it made Tiffany Young burst into laughter. Smiling, she said the whole experience “was so much fun.

The funniest part is that the driver had no clue she was the original singer of the song and is currently a musical actress for Chicago.

| @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

See Tiffany Young prove that not being recognized as a celebrity can cause the funniest situations and make fun memories.

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