Tiffany Young Tells Us How She Takes Care Of Herself While On Tour

No wonder her skin is always poppin’!

Tiffany Young has been living in a tour bus for her “Magnetic Moon” concert tour, and she shared a bit of her life with her fans while on tour!

Tiffany makes sure that she takes care of herself well, and even shared some tips that anyone can easily follow when doing their night time routine!

1. Remove the eye make-up

She starts with removing her eye make-up with an eye make-up remover.

2. Cleanse the face

She then proceeds to cleansing her face off with a facial cleanser and a sponge. She said that the sponge really helps her avoid rubbing her face harshly and that it gets her make-up off more efficiently.

3. Tone it up

After cleansing, she uses a toner and shared that it’s important to always wipe your face upwards!

4. Eye cream

Tiffany uses an eye cream which she gently rubs on her eyelids and the skin under her eyes.

5. Pat, pat, pat!

She pats all over her face to make sure that all the products she has put on her face so far, starting with the toner, seeps in her skin.

6. Serum

The singer uses a serum she got from a lab, and says that she has friends from the beauty industry who are always looking for more skin care tips to share.

7. LED mask

Tiffany uses an LED mask which provides three different features according to the color of the light it flashes. The red light can help with blood circulation, the yellow light helps with brightening, and the blue light for antioxidants.

8. Sheet mask

She opens up a sheet mask and gently puts it on her face to end her skin care routine.

Watch the full video here:

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