Tiffany Once Talked About Her Mother On A Variety Show And It Made Everyone Cry

Every member of Girls’ Generation broke down in tears.

Tiffany of Girls’ Generation had a troubling childhood with her mother committing suicide when she was just twelve. Tiffany loved her mother very much and her death really hit her hard.

Early on in their careers, Girls’ Generation appeared on a variety show called Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate, Seohyun’s mom also came on the show with the girls. When Seohyun and her mother hugged each other it caused Tiffany to break down in tears.

Tiffany then gave a message to her deceased mother which caused the rest of Girls’ Generation to burst into tears.

Her message was simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming. Everybody had mixed emotions.

“It’s something I want to say to my mom. Don’t cry everyone… This is the first time I have mentioned this on TV. The thing I want to say to my mom is… Although she departed from me first, she left me with eight sisters”

Tiffany started to hug every member of Girls’ Generation.

Nobody expected such an emotional scene on an episode of this show but everyone left in tears. You can watch Tiffany’s full message to her mom below:

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