Tiffany Says She Will Be Back To Promote With Girls’ Generation 

“Girls’ Generation forever!”

An interview with Billboard brought SONEs hope for a Girls’ Generation reunion pretty soon. 


Tiffany became a free agent after leaving SM Entertainment last year, but it seems like her commitment to return to the group is a given. 


She gave a positive response when asked about a comeback from Girls’ Generation. 

“I told the girls, ‘Hey, I’m a free agent. I am enjoying this. Let me know when you want me, I can be there.’


There were also some heartwarming statements she made about her members. 

“Business is business but my bandmates are my bandmates. My girls are my girls. We are each other’s.” 


Definitely proving that their relationship as sisters stayed the same despite focusing on their own activities. 

“In time. I do believe that. That’s what we said to each other, our time will come.” 


Tiffany has nothing but love for her members. Even liking this statement on Twitter!


Catch the rest of her interview below.

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