Tiffany Young Channels Her Inner Moon Princess In The Teaser For Her “Magnetic Moon” Music Video

Tiffany is coming back, in the name of the moon.

Tiffany Young fans, the Young Ones, are stoked about Tiffany’s next comeback “Magnetic Moon” which is set for an August 2 release. On July 29, Tiffany teased the music video in all of it’s lunar glory.

Tiffany’s ethereal beauty is taken to the next level as she’s dripped in diamonds and moonlight in the teaser for the upbeat track.

Tiffany completely owns the moon while swinging back & forth in front of it with a gorgeous, flowey silhouette. (Sailor Moon, who?)

We haven’t heard the vocals yet, but the track is sure to be filled with powerhouse Tiffany’s flawlessly smooth vocals. Watch the full teaser below:

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