Tiffany Young Reveals The Inspiration Behind Girls’ Generation’s Hit “I Got A Boy”

It’s an iconic bop for a reason.

In 2012, Girls’ Generation took the world by storm with their one-of-a-kind song “I Got A Boy”. It became such a hit that it’s still talked about today, recently making Billboard‘s list of “Songs That Defined The Decade.”


To commemorate how iconic it is, Tiffany Young revealed where some of the inspiration for the song originated from. At the time, there were two female managers that the group had been working with.

They both urged Girls’ Generation to create a music style that suited them as they were maturing, something strong and out-of-the-box. Tiffany mentioned the group wanting to try out a new style, so the managers helped empower them to do so.

We had discussed that we wanted to do something more challenging.

As soon as Tiffany heard “I Got A Boy”, she knew it was exactly the sound they’d been looking for and the feel they wanted to convey. Even with seven years since its release, she views the song as something that keeps presenting new things.

This felt like it was it, because I had never heard anything like it yet. The song is a song that keeps giving.

When the song was released, there truly was nothing like it. The experimentation with sound had made it stand out and show the group’s color as they matured. Now, it’s become common for K-Pop groups to fuse all sorts of genres and sounds.

Source: Billboard

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