Tiffany Young Reveals Her Love For ITZY And How They’re Connected

She’s been keeping her eye on the rookie group.

Since Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young has been focusing on her own solo promotions and touring, an interviewer asked her if she still manages to listen to other K-Pop artists.

After naming two she’d been listening to, one of them being Zico, she selected ITZY as well. In the process, she revealed how they have a connection with each other.

After naming some K-Pop songs she’s been listening to, Tiffany instantly thought of two more, “Wait. But, I also really loved ITZY’s ‘DALLA DALLA’ and ‘ICY’.” She then explained why she’d been drawn to ITZY specifically.

Tiffany revealed, “We have a mutual friend who’s the choreographer.” Knowing that her friend had a hand in the choreography elevated her love for ITZY even more, making her “love the dance routine.”

On top of that, being able to see how ITZY shows off their own color and delivers when it comes to performing is what Tiffany enjoys most about the group.

If Tiffany “loves the energy they give,” then ITZY certainly are rookies that everyone should be keeping their eyes on, especially coming from one of the most iconic girl group members ever.

Listen to Tiffany reveal why she’s been loving ITZY lately.