Tiffany Young On The Verge Of Tears When Discussing Girls’ Generation’s Support In Her New Documentary

Nothing will break Girls’ Generation’s sisterhood.

In 2017, Tiffany Young departed from SM Entertainment to pursue her career as a solo artist in America. For a seasoned professional in the Korean music industry to pack up and leave for a career in the west was a risky move. In her new documentary, Mi Young’s Diary, Chapter 1: Lips on Lips, Tiffany dives into what made her make the decision.

Tiffany admits that since the beginning of her career as a member of Girls’ Generation she always wanted to be a solo artist.

Girls’ Generation during promotions for “GEE” in 2009


Unsurprisingly, she credits her Girls’ Generation sister for giving her the push that she needed to finally make the jump. Her members encouraged her to embark on her own so that she could tell her story and come into her own as a solo artist and as a woman.

When I spoke to my bandmates, my sisters, … they had supported me and loved me from day one and told me ‘we are so excited  for you to share your full story.’ And with that support, it got me moving.

– Tiffany Young

She shares a clip of her and Sooyoung on set of Tiffany’s music video, and she says that with Sooyoung’s presence she felt “whole”.

Girls’ Generation’s bond has been tried and true over the 10 years that the girls have been together as a group, and their unwavering love and support of each other is heartwarming.

According to tweets from Tiffany, this documentary is the first installment in an as-of-yet unplanned docuseries that will follow her life.

Watch the full episode below:

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