Tiger JK and Tasha Were Scammed By Their Own Employees For Years, Made No Money

The hip-hop couple was scammed out of $4.7 million USD and couldn’t even get a penny back.

Tiger JK confessed that he and Tasha were completely tricked by their own employees for over a year during when they were barely making a living despite their success.


Tiger JK and Tasha had established a company with their former managers to pursue the type of music they desired. The couple left the managers in charge of running the business side of the company and focused their efforts on their albums and broadcasts.

They did everything from variety show appearances to concerts to advertisements.


Strangely, however, they weren’t making any money. According to the managers, they were still in debt and if they worked just a little harder they would be in the black.

They also mentioned that the couple’s busy schedule was not a result of their success but rather a result of their lobbying.


Tiger JK assumed that hip hop was not a very profitable genre and since his looks were not particularly attractive he believed what the managers said and continued to work extra hard.


He appeared on variety shows saying that his dream was to buy a house of his own one day, making people doubt his words since the couple was already so successful. However, he was telling the truth as he was almost kicked out of his house due to unpaid rent.


Tiger JK went as far as to ask the managers to pay him a monthly salary of $1,400 USD instead of a percentage of the profits to make sure they could make ends meet but they were refused. To make matters worse, this was at a time when his popularity was at its peak.


Then Tiger JK began getting suspicious as it seemed impossible not to be able to earn even $1,400 when they’ve done 3 advertisements just recently. So he snuck into the office at night and was shocked at what he found.


The invoice for their 3 advertisements they did alone earned them about $470,000 USD. Even so, the managers had lied to the couple saying that they were in debt for whole year.

Moreover, the managers had even organized with each other a list of lies they would present to Tiger JK and Tasha on the same computer. They left evidence of evil plots to use the couple to make as much money as they can and then ruin their image so they could take off, as well as nasty comments about the stars.


The couple was scammed out of $4.7 million USD total within 1 year. On top of the outrageous situation, when they began meeting with attorneys to file for a lawsuit, Tiger JK’s father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.

Tiger JK and Tasha at the funeral.


While Tiger JK was busy dealing with his father’s situation, the managers had sold the company to a fund company and eventually, the couple was not even able to file for a lawsuit.

The managers had destroyed much of the evidence and the matter of ownership had become complicated, making it no longer possible to file.


Tiger JK and Tasha eventually weren’t able to receive a penny of the work they did in the past year, but he mentioned that on the bright side, they were happy they uncovered the truth and no longer have to associate with those people any longer.


Despite the series of unfortunate events they had to endure, the couple are focusing on moving forward with their bright futures!