A TikTok Star Is Going Viral For His Resemblance To P1Harmony’s Keeho — But There’s A Twist

Do you see the resemblance?

There’s no doubt that P1Harmony‘s Keeho is one of the most talented out there.

P1Harmony’s Keeho

The hilarious star has also often attracted attention for his outstanding visuals and constantly leaves even non-fans in admiration.

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Recently, a TikToker began going viral after fans shared that they believed he resembled Keeho!

On July 21, a new TikTok account with the username @jakehyun22 appeared on the platform. The content creator shared videos of himself, showing off his physique, tattoos, and piercings.


치킨 킬러 #추천 #fyp #표정캡쳐 #jakehyun

♬ sonido original – ok

In the comments of several of his videos, K-Pop fans that discovered the account couldn’t help but see a resemblance between @jakehyun22 and P1Harmony’s Keeho.

It seems their mannerisms help play into the similarities, as they take photos from similar angles.

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While this account has accumulated more than 7 million views over a couple of days, some users couldn’t help but feel they had already seen the content. This was because they had!

Several commenters pointed out that the gotten was the same as another content creator on the app under the username @hirang22.


피씨방갈사람 ? 📞 #04 #k고딩 #04년생

♬ original sound – logan

When looking at @hirang22’s account, dozens more videos show more recent moments of the content creator. It is also linked to his Instagram page, which has a more realistic feel.

While the @jakehyun22 account may be a backup type account, it is not uncommon for good-looking content creators to have their photos stolen for the sake of catfishing.

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