The Time BLACKPINK Shared One Braincell When They Ate Their Pet’s Food

Jisoo was surprised.

To non-fans, BLACKPINK looks like the definition of charismatic, professional, and fierce. With their incredible talent on stage and their untouchable model-like beauty, they’re A-listers in the industry.

To BLINKs, however, they’re also funny and carefree girls. Their spontaneous natures were highlighted in the ninth episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK when they visited a pet store and made food for their furbabies.

While making gimbap, Jennie took a sudden bite in front of everyone. Jisoo was the most shocked out of them all, with the caption aptly describing her thoughts, “What did I see just now?

Though the gimbap was edible for humans, it was still meant for Kuma, Kai, and Dalgom. To the eldest member’s surprise, Lisa and Rosé followed Jennie’s example!

Can I have a bite?

— Lisa

Unconcerned that her food was the same as her pet’s, Jennie said, “This would taste better with salt”. Jisoo could only reply in shock, “They’re having it all!” when the crew asked her what’s wrong.

Jisoo changed her tune when she also took a big bite of the gimbap, nodding her head at the delicious taste.

Even the staff of the restaurant couldn’t hold back her giggle at seeing them eat the food meant for their pets!

If you want to see the entire episode, check out the video below!


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