The Time BLACKPINK’s Jennie ‘Flirted’ With Filipina Actress Liza Soberano

We’re living for this interaction.

Pinoy fans of BLACKPINK may be aware that Liza Soberano, one of the country’s leading actresses, is a fan of the group as well.

She attended BLACKPINK‘s In Your Area Manila concert…

…greeted happy birthday “to the only girl ever”…

…and even attended Coachella just for them.

In this April 2019 Coachella event, Liza was able to grab a front row experience to BLACKPINK’s performances which she excitedly posted about online.

Later on, the Filipina actress shared that besides being able to watch Jennie perform, she had an actual interaction with her! Liza revealed in an interview that Jennie noticed her in the crowd.

I remember Jennie even winked at me!

— Liza

Because she couldn’t believe it, she tested the theory…and was rewarded!

She was staring and I didn’t know if it was at me or somebody else. She was really looking at me. And so just to make sure it was me, I winked at her…and she winked back!

— Liza

The moment was definitely significant for her.

So I knew. And she was doing this really sexy dance where she was like, doing that. And she was looking at me so I was kinda 😳

— Liza

Fans of the two found the interaction memorable, especially because Liza fangirled right beside her boyfriend Enrique Gil!

Check out the full video below.