That Time BTS Was Mistaken For A Pot Of Mussels

BTS is always up for having fun!

During an episode of BTS’s Bon Voyage Season 4, a scene of them in the hot tub garnered much attention from fans as they looked almost exactly like a pot of hot mussel soup (popular Korean dish).




Here is a picture of 홍합탕 (Mussel soup).





This scene makes them look even more like it with the sound effects they are making.




Their water fight looks almost like a pot of mussel soup boiling.




Fans are finding this so hilarious as they were even confused as to whether or not this was BTS or an actual pot of mussel soup.


“I was like ‘this is BTS?’ It looks so much like mussel soup! After looking at it for 5 seconds I could finally see the boys hahah.”




“Why is it they are always given titles referring to food? Now they are saying they are ‘honghapsonyeondan’ (mussel soup boys).”




“I didn’t watch the episode yet so I thought this was just mussel soup. So you’re saying this is BTS and not mussel soup? I’m still confused as I am writing this message haha.”




*Bonus* Jungkook and Jimin become automatic face cleaning machines as they wash each other’s faces.




RM is known to always get hurt in the strangest of ways.




Regardless of what they look like, they are just a bunch of happy mussels!