The Time BTS’s J-Hope Was Too Scared To Admit Something To Jimin

Hopemin moments are always the best!

A past clip from BTS’s 2018 Festa was posted online and revealed a fun story about how BTS’s J-Hope made Jimin mad but couldn’t confess that it was him after seeing Jimin swear about how mad he was.

In the clip, J-Hope gathers up the courage to admit something to Jimin.

J-Hope: Jimin, do you remember that time we were eating in the dorms? You put your phone down on the table and you got gum stuck to your phone case.

Jimin: I still have that gum stuck to my case!

J-Hope: You were really mad then because you really loved that case. You got mad saying that who would lack common sense and leave gum on the table.

J-Hope: Well…I confess to you now…in that moment I couldn’t tell you that it was me because you were swearing so much about how mad you were.

J-Hope: I couldn’t bring myself to confess with my own mouth that I was the one that put the gum there.

J-Hope: I also present to you this gift! It’s a new cell phone case.

Jimin: Really?

J-Hope: I was really sorry about it. I was really, really sorry.

Jimin: Should I open it now?

J-Hope: Yes please open it now.

J-Hope reveals that the day before, he ate chicken and spit his gum out on a piece of paper and forgot to clean it afterwards. Jimin happened to put his phone on top of that paper the next day, thus getting gum on his cell phone case.

Jimin opens the new case and finds that it’s the same case but just in a different color.

Jimin admits that although he was really mad he felt bad because it was J-Hope

Fans can always count on these cute Hopemin moments to bring a smile to our face as we see how their relationship grows throughout their careers.


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