The Time BTS’s Jin And RM Showed Just How Much Of An Influence They Have On Each Other

The power of the leader and the oldest member.

BTS‘s biggest asset is each other in that they all help one another become better people. Although RM is the leader of the group, he learns a lot from the oldest member Jin. Jin also confides in leader RM for any personal struggles or hardships he may be dealing with. In a previous show, RM learns from Jin that he actually uses others to make himself happy. Although it may seem like Jin is always being funny and laughing, he is actually making himself happy by making others laugh.

RM later used what he learned from Jin to make music to make people happy. He also applied this to his famous speech from the Love Myself tour asking fans to use him to love ourselves.

Jin reveals that he enjoys spending time having deep conversations with the members as it helps him get rid of any pent-up thoughts or emotions.

“I feel so relieved.”

“Although I might seem like I am always happy and bright…”

“…I still have my worries and doubts.”

“I have a lot of bottled up words inside…”

“…and RM is our leader…”

“..and he is a friend that I confide in…”

“…so I like to have deep conversations with him.”

“Through these conversations I am able to brush off any pent-up emotions.”

RM is also influenced by Jin and believes that there are a lot of things he can learn from him.

“Seeing how Jin found a way to be happy…”

“…without giving any damage to others…”

“….is something really amazing and good.”


“…I really think he is someone you can learn quite a lot from.”

We love how the members can lean on one another for support and care whenever they are having a hard time. The advice they are able to give each other allows them to work together to grow and become even more amazing individuals.