The Time BTS’s RM Had To Choose Between Going Solo And The Group

There can only be one leader for BTS!

BTS is known for their dedication and hard work and having a good leader makes up a big part of their success. In an older episode of a Mnet prank show, the members and Bang Si Hyuk PD team up together to see how RM would act in times of trouble.

To set the tone for the prank, RM is having a discussion with Bang PD along with J-Hope and Suga while the other four members are in another room listening in to the conversation. Bang PD will begin to express his frustration that they aren’t doing their parts and if they are to be like this than there shouldn’t be any need for a leader.

While things get heated in the studio, the other four members are just as anxious watching this scene from the monitor.

Bang PD begins to hint at RM to go solo if he is going to continue to work on music by himself. He ends the prank with the final question of whether or not he wants to go solo or stay as BTS.

RM answers without a moment of hesitation that he will continue with BTS. Members in the waiting room were touched by their amazing leader for his answer.

RM’s face when finding out it was a prank is totally priceless!

We all love our leader RM and there is no one that can lead BTS better than he can!