The Time BTS’s V And Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Worked Together To Shine Light On A Fellow Colleague

Teamwork makes the dream work!

The story starts in 2018 at the Gayo Daejejeon with the hosts interviewing K-Pop idols who were born in the year of the pig. They continued the interview until there was about two minutes left before the New Year. The only thing they had left to do was say a closing comment before doing the official countdown to 2019.

Right then, BTS‘s V and Jimin, who was standing right behind the host Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, kindly let her know that there was another person that was born in the year of the pig.

Yoona confirmed the name of the idol once again from V and tries to find the perfect timing to bring the idol out for a quick interview.

You can see in the clips below that Yoona is trying hard to act professional and also find the right timing to bring in the idol.

She sees the other host No Hong Chul ending his comment and takes this opportunity to bring out the idol member.

“Yes~ and we all know that this New Year will be the year of the golden pig. There are a lot of idols born in the year of the pig~ Let’s meet one more idol shall we?”

“Yes~ SEVENTEEN’s Joshua please come up front!”

It looks like V had asked Yoona to call up Joshua because he was also born in the year of the pig and also had the same birthday as V!

Fans were touched to see both Yoona and V work together to shine light on another fellow idol member.

Joshua and V were also seen greeting each other on Joshua’s way up to the front. Thanks to his good friend, Joshua was able to have a solo interview before the countdown!

V and Yoona patted each other on the back after the show, thanking one another for making that moment happen for their friend.

It’s teamwork like this that show just how supportive K-Pop idols are to one another!

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