The Time SHINee’s Taemin Was So Mesmerizing He Made A Cameraman Totally Forget To Do His Job

We would have the exact same reaction!

SHINee‘s Taemin is so mesmerizing that he makes people forget to do their jobs!

SHINee’s Taemin | @bby_jihye/Twitter

During SM Entertainment‘s 2019 SMTOWN concert in Santiago, Chile, Taemin performed his solo hits “Move” and “Danger.” Naturally, the crowd loved his performance and couldn’t take their eyes off of him!

| Hagen BelΓ©n/YouTube

As a true ace, Taemin naturally nailed every dance move, perfectly hit every note, and had the crowd going absolutely wild.

In fact, Taemin did so well that he made a cameraman forget he was supposed to be working during the concert!

As Taemin performed the second chorus of “Move,” the cameraman could be spotted behind his camera filming the performance.

However, as Taemin performed the song’s bridge, the cameraman stepped out from behind the camera and seemed to have forgotten that he was supposed to be filming Taemin. He looked at Taemin with his hands on his hips and appeared to be watching the performance very closely.

The cameraman liked what he saw so much that he even clapped for Taemin!

Towards the end of “Move,” the cameraman resumed his work and filmed Taemin.

A few seconds later, however, he stepped out from behind the camera again to watch Taemin smile adorably at the crowd.

The cameraman’s reaction to Taemin has resurfaced on Shawol Twitter, and fans think the cameraman is totally relatable.

Check out Taemin’s performance of “Move” and the cameraman’s reaction below.