The Time Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung Performed Live On Stage With Air Pods Instead Of In-Ear Monitors

Yeonjung tells a story that no other idol has probably experienced.

Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung’s legendary story that happened during a live stage was revealed during an episode of MBC Every1‘s Weekly Idol.

Yeonjung told a story that she felt no other member has ever encountered before.





She begins by explaining that there are currently no wireless in-ear monitors for music broadcasts in Korea.



On the day of their live broadcast she was listening to music with her airpods.



Their manager tells them they are going to start the live broadcast. She felt like she had the in-ear monitor in because her air pods felt similar to them.



So she ended up walking on stage with her air pods in her ears.




Their manager who was monitoring the show saw something in her ears and yelled, “What is that in her ear!”




But she ended up doing a perfect performance without an in-ear monitor.




To this day, Yeonjung remains top on the list for a story that no other idol has experienced before!





Here is a close-up of her wearing the pink air pods.




And here is the legendary video of her on stage with the air pods!




Either way, this just goes to show what a talented singer she is!

Source: theqoo

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