Time That GOT7 Couldn’t Stand Watching Their Past Selves

GOT7 has some embarrassing pasts.

GOT7 is known for having a group dynamic like very few others. The members come from all different backgrounds and each member adds a unique element to the group.



Though, something most of them can’t stand is watching is embarrassing videos of their past selves, where they just cringe. Here is each member reacting to their teaser for their song “A”.


1. JB

It’s like he got shot in the back when he heard himself.



2. Mark

He looks red and can barely stand to look.



3. Jackson

Just cringes and collapses.



4. Jinyoung

He just doesn’t want to look at himself and feels ashamed.



5. Youngjae

He just tried to hide and not look.



6. BamBam

Probably the only member that is proud of himself.



7. Yugyeom

Shares the same opinion as members other than Bambam.



Watch the full clip below!