The Time NCT’s Haechan Almost Burned Down The SM Building

Yuta said he was a good cook…

During a live broadcast from last year titled Kunta’s Restuarant, NCT‘s HaechanJungwooYuta, and Kun showed off their cooking skills by making some rice cake soup and a wonton dish.


In the process, Haechan came quite close to setting the SM Entertainment office building on fire.

While Jungwoo and Yuta were reading comments, Haechan was left to his own devices. As soon as Yuta declared, “Kun and Haechan are such good cooks,” that’s when all hell broke loose.

Before Yuta could finish the statement, Haechan had started a fire. To quickly take care of it, he seemingly tried to move the fire to the sink and bumped into Kun.

Kun Gege jumped into action and put out the fire himself, folding it and patting out the flames. It came so naturally to him that many thought it wasn’t an unusual occurrence for the NCT members.

Rather than freaking out over Haechan’s dangerous mishap, Kun instead warned everyone to be careful. After the initial shock had passed, they all made sure no one had been hurt. It turned out that one of the tissues Haechan had been using ended up catching on fire.

We really have to be careful.

Cooking is such a common act that it’s often forgotten how dangerous it can be, especially from one small mistake. Fortunately, no one seemed to be harmed. The building was left standing in one piece. See the, now funny, moment Haechan started a mini fire from 14:14.