TWICE Once Went on Gag Concert and Totally Killed It

Momo ran out of batteries and Dahyun cleaned his pits.

TWICE is well-known for their great singing and dancing ability as well as their cute concept.

But who knew they were comedians too?

A while back, TWICE’s Momo and Dahyun made a guest appearance on the popular comedy show, Gag Concert.

In a skit called, “Idiotic Robot”, Momo and Dahyun appeared as two robots.

  • “We’re TWICE bots.”

They first showed off their great dancing skills and then proceeded to introduce themselves as “TWICE bots”.

When the male lead recited the other TWICE members’ names but not theirs, they showed a miffed yet robotic response.

After exchanging introductions, the male lead asked Momo to start cleaning.

But Momo threw them off by suddenly responding in Japanese.

When the male lead asked, “Why can’t she understand me?” Momo responded with “Made in Japan” and stirred up a big laugh.

  • “Made in Japan.”

Once he explained how it’s done, Momo went straight into a warmup that showed off her amazing dancing ability.

Once she finished, he told her to start cleaning, at which point, Momo ran out of batteries.

  • “Low Battery.”

Since Momo shut down, he proceeded to ask Dahyun to clean by herself. Dahyun protested in a cute way using the lyrics of one of TWICE’s songs.

  • “That’s not fair, that’s not fair.”

But he didn’t take no for an answer and told her to clean what was dirty.

That’s when she reached for his armpits.

In disappointment, the male lead asked, if you can’t understand me or clean properly, what is it that you can do?

In response, Momo and Dahyun broke into dance.

You can watch the hilarious clip below starting at 3:40.

Source: YouTube