Tinder suggests that they even have users in North Korea

Popular dating app, Tinder says that even people in North Korea are using their app.

In a blaze that lit up on the internet between Tinder and a Vanity Fair’s article that criticized the app. As a result, Tinder’s admin left a Tweet that claims that they have users in North Korea.

However, many are questioning the validity of this statement. This Tweet caught the attention of many people that are still wondering if it was possible to get Tinder in North Korea.

This seemed nearly impossible due to the fact that the only legal smartphone in North Korea, called the “Arirang,” is not capable of running such an advanced application. It is also impossible to smuggle a smartphone from outside the country to use Tinder because illegal phones cannot get any service let alone connect to the wifi.

Smuggled smart phones were usually used to carry illegal content such as movies, music, and more. One speculation was that foreigners or Chinese visitors may have opened Tinder in North Korea out of boredom or curiosity which may have registered the location as North Korea.

There is no way of knowing whether this statement is true or not, but what this Tweet DID do was create some hilarious North Korea memes that featured Kim Jong Un himself.

Source: Koream