Here Is The Beauty Tip Behind MONSTA X’s Sexy Eyeliner Look That You’ve Been Dying To Know

It’s actually not liner.

MONSTA X are kings of the “sexy concept” and are masters of pulling off all kinds of feisty make-up looks. And Monbebes, who have passion for cosmetics, have long been dying to know the secret behind their smoky-but-not-too-extra spicy eye make-up.


In an interview with MONSTA X’s make-up artist Seob Joo, Allure Korea finally solved the mystery for all MONSTA X fans! She revealed that the members’ smoking sexy eye make-up is actually eye shadow and not eyeliner.

It’s more like shadows… than an actual line.

— Seob Joo


The MUA also pointed out that she uses a deep and dark shade of purple eye shadow to line the eyelid in the shape that she’d like to add some depth.


She then uses slanted brushes and different shades of eyeshadow to blend in and create more “shadows” over the eye.


Seob Joo explained that purple shadows, with hints of brown, are best in creating these defined eyes because they look softer and more natural when the eyes are open.


And that’s how Seob Joo creates this shadow-liner look that has really worked magic on MONSTA X members’ faces!


Watch the full clip here: