TMI News Reveals Exactly How Intelligent BTS’s RM Is

With brains like that, RM would have succeeded at just about anything.

Mnet’s TMI News revealed a list of the most intelligent idols, and BTS RM‘s story drew particular attention due to his already famous reputation.

RM didn’t have any studying abroad experiences but still managed to score very high on his English exam in middle school.

Regarding his high score of 850 on his TOEIC exam, RM explained that his parents showed him the American show, Friends when he was little, and that allowed him to improve his English skills.

That’s not all. It was also revealed that RM scored in the top 1% of his high school for one of his mock exams.

In response, Jun Hyun Moo added that grades like that would have gotten RM into a prestigious college like Korea University.

Furthermore, RM recently touched viewers all around the world with the speech he made at the UNICEF Generation Unlimited event.

Regarding RM’s high intellect that matches his great reputation, fans are responding with comments such as “He really doesn’t lack anything“, “I’m so jealous he’s so fluent in English“, and “His TOEIC score from middle school is higher than mine now“.