He told his Girlfriend she looks like a “Fat Whale”…So she lost 150lbs and now looks like THIS

Her boyfriend called her a fat whale so she got rid of 150lbs.

When Becca‘s boyfriend called her a “fat whale”, she decided it was time for a change and dropped a staggering 150lbs!

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Here she is before…


…and here she is after!

Instead of getting rid of her weight, this independent woman got rid of her boyfriend!


After dumping her “so called boyfriend” Becca claims she has never felt better!


She has also never looked better!

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Nothing says “beautiful” like being confident in your own skin. Becca’s Instagram (becca_woah) features many gorgeous selfies that prove you don’t have to be thin to be pretty.


Becca’s “before” and “after” photos have been shared on numerous social media sites and netizens continue to express their support for Becca’s humorous response to her boyfriend’s fat shaming.


Becca’s current Twitter banner serves as inspiration to other plus-sized beauties who may find themselves in a similar situation: