Top 10 Most Popular Korean Beauty Myths And The Actual Truth Behind Them

The top 10 Korean beauty myths have been identified and put under the microscope to reveal the facts.

Korean beauty products and routines are becoming more and more popular by the minute and rumors about them are spreading like the latest gossip around the block. A Korean beauty blog, The Klog, has listed the 10 biggest K-beauty myths and what really lies behind them. It is time to dispel the questions and confusion surrounding the topic and reveal the truth.

Here are the facts behind these 10 Korean beauty myths:

Korean skincare only works for Asian skin

Skin is skin and no matter what you may have heard, ladies and gentlemen from Asia also face the same problems with skincare as the rest of us. Acne, dryness, sensitivity and oiliness aren’t frustrations only limited for the people roaming the streets of Western countries. So better not reject Korean skincare on the grounds of this myth alone, it just might leave you missing out on some amazing skincare tips!

Korean makeup products for deep skin tones don’t exist

As Korean makeup products are becoming more widely used around the world, the beauty brands are constantly expanding their collections to better suit customers from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Korean companies are well-aware that their products have demand from people all around the world.

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Men and women need different skin care products

The skin’s needs differ from person to person and even though men generally speaking might have a bit larger pores or oilier skin, a gentleman’s skincare routine doesn’t really have to differ from that of a lady’s. In the end, men’s skin care products contain the same ingredients as the products marketed for women. No need to only shop from either the men’s or women’s section.

Moisturizer can be used as a substitute for eye cream

Many people think so and it is true that using moisturizer is better than using nothing at all. Eye creams are specially designed to use around the eye area to help keep it firm and moisturized. In the end, an eye cream always beats a regular moisturizer when it comes to protection and preventing damages.

Starting anti-aging early only makes you age faster

Most people think that when it comes to anti-aging products, the only people recommended to use them are the ones already facing signs of aging and wrinkles. In the contrary, anti-aging suits people of many ages and doesn’t have to made into a long and complicated process. Many Korean women already start using anti-aging as early as their early twenties.

Using products with oil when you have oily skin, will only make it oilier

This myth is very widely believed but is actually false. Oil actually needs to be broken down with, you guessed it, some more oil. This is why it is recommended to use oil-based cleansers for oily skin and adding a bit more moisturizer to balance out your moisture levels to prevent excess oil from forming.

Double-cleansing only needs to be done in the evening

During the night sweat and oil produce on the skin and it’s actually recommended to cleanse your face in the morning as well as in the evening. This also helps remove the excess products left over on your skin from the previous evening.

Age spots can only appear when you are old

Unfortunately, due to genetical factors and environmental damage, signs of aging can appear earlier than most people think. This is why it is good to always remember thorough skin care, the results are worth the time!

Skin types don’t change

Skin types can change with seasons, age and for many other various reasons. Skin care needs to be adjusted according to your skin’s condition and it can shift from month to month or even daily. Perceptiveness to the changes on your skin is always for the good.

Sunscreen only needs to be applied when it’s sunny outside

It’s good to apply sunscreen no matter the weather! Even on rainy days spent inside while reading a good book and enjoying strawberry tea (assuming that most apartments have windows). Sunscreen protects your skin from a variety of damages and helps prevent current irritations, like acne scars or sun spots, from getting worse. Remember to not neglect your hands or the neck area either, since that’s where the sun gets you more often than not.


Source: the klog