TOP 10 Sexiest Skirts Worn By Krystal Jung

f(x)‘s Krystal of SM Entertainment is recognised as one of the most beautiful K-Pop idols in the industry. These photos of her in skirts don’t say otherwise. 

Everyone loves Krystal for her amazing voice and role as a member of f(x). She’s stood out amongst the other rookies who debuted around the same time as her. She’s also become a fashion icon, no doubt with the thanks of her older sister, Jessica.

Check out some of these photos where Krystal really shone while wearing gorgeous, sexy skirts:


We can’t believe how someone can look so good wearing such a non-form fitting outfit! Just look at her!


Simple is always perfect. White t-shirts with jean skirts.. help me.



Now these shots are just ridiculous. I know what you’re thinking. This reminds you of Krystal’s Secret Habit of Biting Her Lips that we wrote about right? 😛


It’s not just about looking sexy. Look at Krystal in this absolutely angelic look.


We can’t finish off a list of f(x) or Krystal without some of their simple, minimalistic and famous show outfits!


I mean who can deny Krystal looks beautiful on stage?



We can’t get enough of Krystal in these hot skirts. Share some of your favorites in the comments below!