The Top 10 Worst K-Drama Kisses Ever

Kisses in Korean dramas are not always passionate and steamy, but sometimes they can be downright awkward.  These ten kisses are so horrible you won’t be able to stand watching them.

Korean dramas are the bests at developing romantic scenes that are just begging to climax with a passionate kiss. But while there are some rare instances where the kiss is perfectly executed, there are other times where kisses are so awkward that they become painful to watch. For example, these ten kisses were so awkward that most fans can agree it’s better to skip them than to sit through the awkwardness.

Take a look below if you dare:

1. Queen In Hyun’s Man

This kiss scene between Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na definitely lacked passion. Luckily the series was so good overall that it definitely made up for the awkward kiss scenes.

2. Blood

Despite the fact that these two are married in real life, this kiss definitely didn’t have the passion you’d expect.

3. When a Man Loves


This kiss could be summed up with one word: unpleasant.

4. The innocent man

The acting in this scene was amazing as expected from both of these top stars, but the kiss scene was definitely cringe-worthy.

5. Iris 2

Fans love passionate and gentle kisses, but this kiss was anything but passionate and gentle.

6. Oh My Ghostess

This video proves that surprise kisses aren’t always romantic.

7. Madame Antoine

The thumbnail says it all.

8. Heartstrings

Park Shin Hye has been known for not being the best kisser on screen.


9. My Unfortunate Boyfriend

This resembled the iconic Spiderman kiss, except even more corny.

10. Cheese in the Trap

The whole scene came out even more awkward than it was meant to be.