TOP 15 Weirdest Korean Commercials Of All Time

You haven’t seen weird until you’ve watched these 15 Korean commercials. Whether they’re extremely confusing, don’t seem to have anything to do with the product, or sexualize things you never thought possible, these Korean commercials are just bizarre, if extremely entertaining.

1. S-Line Condensing

Who would have ever known that there would be commercials for these types of things? S-Line Condensing is a gas boiler used to heat water in the house. What do dancing rabbits have to do with this commercial? Nobody really knows.

2. Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

Not only is the commercial is weird, but the product itself seems questionable. This suggestive product is used for exercise which uses a thrusting motion to work out the body. Talk about a weird way to exercise!

3. Moga App

This is an advertisement for an app that helps people find a motel. The characters in the advertisement are cute, but sexualizing characters from a children’s story seems questionable at best and just downright weird.

4. Android Korea

The baby of the Android phone, Korea introduced the SKTelecom with a commercial for Android. Young, but powerful… Powerfully strange.

5. Pizza Hut

Everybody do the Pizza Hut dance! The commercial first shows a group of girls dancing while holding onto their slice of pizza which follows with a tutorial at the end to get everybody off their feet. I mean, who doesn’t want to dance before taking a bite of their pizza?

6. Tabagen Gel

Pandas are cute… But this one doesn’t seem like a typical panda! It will find you wherever you are to supply you with this ointment that is helpful for your scars and it will stare at you!

7. Banana Milk

One second into this commercial, you can already tell that it’s going to be another one of those clips that make you think twice about Korea. With a catchy song and dance, the couple sing about their love for banana milk.

8. Kong Suni, Farts and Poops

Another one of the weirdest products coming from Korea. The sole purpose of this doll is to make farting sounds and go to the bathroom after you feed it. The creepier part is that usually in commercials with dolls, you can see a child moving the doll around. Not in this commercial— Kang Suni appears to move on her own. Creepy.

9. Canon Powershot

The commercial series did a good job of showing the effectiveness of their cameras, but they had a weird way of doing it.

10. Sunup

Featuring a doll named Blythe, this commercial compares the beauty of the doll and the human, showing the two doing activities together. Just like the Kang Suni doll, this doll creepily moves on its own. Not only that, but it changes size throughout the day.

11. Ragnarok

When you watch this, your first impression is to watch out for pretty girls getting on the bus. With no provocation, the girl gets on the bus and attacks the passengers. Nothing seems to make much sense until you find out that this is a commercial for a video game.

12. Popeyes

You better watch out for this girl. She talks to crawfish and runs with a ladle. So much for a normal Popeyes commercial, huh?

13. Mom’s Touch Burgers

This is probably the weirdest burger commercial you’ve ever seen—we promise.

14. Xylitol Gum

Chewing gum has a special relationship to Finnish people in Korea. When people think of Finland they associate it gum as well as the words “Hyvä, hyvä” which is heard from the man in green. But just like this couple, I would be scared too if a stranger danced into my house.

15. Pig Bar Ice Cream

This commercial babbles random words so fast and unclearly, it is not the most desirable commercial to watch. Also, how does soccer relate to this ice cream bar, we’re not sure either.