The Top 3 Male Visuals Of K-Pop’s New Generation

In every era of K-Pop, there are idols who win the hearts of millions of fans with their dreamy charm and spectacular visuals. Their smiles, their eyes, beautiful lips, everything is just perfect, that it is visually satisfying to just look at. These three idols are considered by most to be the top 3 visuals in K-Pop in this era:

1. ASTRO’s Eunwoo

Although many handsome and beautiful rookie idols have made their debuts recently, many agree that ASTRO’s Eunwoo stands out above the rest in terms of visuals.

Eunwoo has been capturing the hearts of fans across the nation with his especially symmetrical face.

His visuals are so stunning, in fact, that when he appears next to other idols, the other idols are said to suffer from a “Cha Eunwoo Visual Massacre.”

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He’s not just a handsome face, however, as he was class president when he was in high school due to his intellect and leadership abilities.

God clearly had his favorites!

2. NCT’s Taeyong

S.M. Entertainment is known to have that one visual idol that represents the entire agency every decade or so.

NCT’s Taeyong is considered the main visual idol for the S.M. Entertainment at the moment.

Taeyong is also known for his dreamy prince-like visual and is often compared to Disney’s animated characters.

Many fans believe that Taeyong’s visual is one-of-a-kind in K-Pop and once you’ve seen it, it cannot be unseen!

Now those are stunning visuals.

3. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon has gained a lot of attention for his perfect, drop-dead handsome visuals.

Since his debut, many fans have pointed out that Vernon, who’s half Korean and half American, bears a strong resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thanks to his handsome looks, Vernon turns heads wherever he goes.

He’s even handsome when he pouts.

Fans call him a true masterpiece created by his two parents, who are professional artists.

Source: Pann