TOP 5 Most Popular Items From Korean Convenience Stores

Here are the top five things that Koreans love to buy from convenience stores. 

1. Ice Cups

The most popular item from convenient stores isn’t a type of beverage or food. Ice cups are in demand because they can enhance just about any drink!

2. Soju

Soju is Korea’s national alcoholic beverage, and it’s definitely a hot commodity at convenience stores. At a cheap price of just about ₩1,300 KRW ($1.15 USD) per bottle, it’s no surprise soju is so sought out!

3. Banana Milk

There’s no need to explain why banana milk is so popular in Korea. Sweet, creamy, and ever so refreshing, banana milk is the perfect drink for anyone after a long day at school or work!

4. Mineral Water

Bottled water is one of the most iconic products at any convenience store, and it’s no different in Korea.

5. Canned Coffee

Like any nation that has a strong work culture, coffee is extremely popular. And with how easy it is to just grab a can and go to work, it’s no surprise canned coffee is such a hot product for convenience stores.

Source: Dispatch