The Top 2 Beauty Standards Agencies Look For In Trainees, Revealed By A Former Audition Manager

The audition manager even revealed the exact measurements he looked for.

Everybody knows that looks are an important factor when it comes to K-Pop auditions. But, which specific features do audition agents look for the most? A former K-Pop audition manager revealed the top two beauty features that have the most impact on an aspiring trainee’s success.

EXO Xiumin’s audition

The first feature is the auditionee’s physical proportions. Factors like a small face, long arms, and long legs, as well as good upper and lower body proportions, are what make or break the applicant’s chances.

SHINee’s Minho is known for his good proportions and small face. | @dreaming1209/Twitter

He explained that these features are important because they cannot be altered through plastic surgery or exercise.

Also, in general, if someone has good proportions and a small face, it’s common for simple eye or nose surgeries or weight loss to drastically improve appearance.

— Audition Manager

The second feature is height. The manager shared that height is especially important when evaluating a male trainee’s audition.

Since even in real life people care a lot about height in the opposite gender, it’s impossible to not think about height.

— Audition Manager

He even revealed the exact minimum measurements he looked for personally: over 173 cm for high school boys and over 160 cm for girls. The manager highlighted that there are always exceptions for aspiring trainees who are particularly skilled or otherwise outstanding in appearance.

SF9’s Rowoon is 190 cm tall. | @andwoon/Twitter

In some cases, managers change their criteria based on the existing trainees at the agency — especially when those trainees are expected to be the “faces” of the group. The former audition evaluator brought up IVE as a good example.

| Starship Entertainment

He said that the group was formed around former IZ*ONE members Wonyoung and Yujin, who are particularly tall. This meant Starship Entertainment had to pay extra attention to the other auditionees’ heights to ensure visual harmony and cohesiveness.

| @IVEstarship/Twitter

If Jang Wonyoung and An Yujin were short, IVE may have had different members.

— Audition Manager

The manager kindly shared two tips for aspiring idols who are on the short side. He revealed that it may be helpful to tell the agency how much you’ve grown in the past six to 12 months. Alternatively, sharing your parents’ heights can also help if they are above average.

NCT DREAM’s Jisung has grown over 10 cm since his debut. | SM Entertainment

Source: The Audition Bible