Top “Boys Planet” Participant Sung Hanbin Impresses With His IRL Visuals During Surprise Appearance

Some even said he resembles an NCT member.

As the survival show “Boys Planet” continues to air, fans have become attached to many of the trainees. Of the current top nine, one has remained in the top spot throughout the show’s ranking process, a testament to his talent and popularity. That trainee is Sung Hanbin!

Sung Hanbin | Mnet

The trainee attracted attention after fans uncovered his pre-debut photos, with fans loving all the peeks at what he looked like before the show.

| @eungaeplanet/Twitter
 | @eungaeplanet/Twitter

Due to his popularity, fans worldwide have created ads for him, urging those who see them to vote for him in hopes he will make the final team.

On March 28, Sung Hanbin surprised fans by showing up at several of his ads around Seoul and interacting with the people there!

| @bin_bittersweet/Twitter
| @bin_bittersweet/Twitter

Fans were stunned at how handsome he is IRL in both fan-taken videos…

…and in photos shared by other fans in attendance.

Some fans even compared his visuals to ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo and NCT‘s Doyoung!

Once these clips and images were shared online, fans raved about his gorgeous looks worldwide.

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