A Top Korean Singer Chose Loyalty To His Manager Over Money… And It Paid Off

He risked it all to stay with his manager and ended up building a successful entertainment company.

Sung Si Kyung is one of the most popular solo artists in Korea, where it seems that all his songs are majorly successful.

The List took a quick look at Sung Si Kyung’s career and found that he’s an extremely loyal person. Sung Si Kyung was popular pretty much as soon as debuted, where a majority of his songs were well received.

Sung Si Kyung made some headlining news once it was revealed that he would be leaving his company to sign with Jellyfish Entertainment. At the time, Jellyfish Entertainment was a company that was only a few months old and had no recognition.

The main reason that Sung Si Kyung chose to sign with Jellyfish Entertainment was his loyalty to his manager. His manager was one of the people who started up Jellyfish Entertainment. Sung Si Kyung declined bigger offers from big companies to stay loyal to the manager that he worked many years with.

Sung Si Kyung had to fulfill his mandatory military service less than a year after signing under the company.

This didn’t seem to affect his popularity, as Sung Si Kyung was as popular as ever once he was discharged from the military. His success and popularity helped the company expand and grow, where they were even able to debut an idol group (VIXX).

After expanding and growing over time, Jellyfish Entertainment was able to move to a new building.

Sung Si Kyung was the first artist to sign under Jellyfish Entertainment, and it worked out for everyone.

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