K-Pop’s Most Respected Song Writer Confesses She Is Inspired By G-Dragon

Kim Eana is a highly prolific lyricist in the K-Pop world and she draws a lot of inspiration from G-Dragon and Tablo. 

She explained that G-Dragon is a lyricist that breaks all boundaries in terms of songwriting. 

“When you write lyrics to a song, you normally break lines and write the next line. G-Dragon does it in a more free flow manner and he made a brand new style.”

— Kim Eana


As for Tablo, Kim Eana explained that his unique trait is that he writes lyrics through rhythm.

“Tablo writes his lyrics by thinking of the rhythm of the song and then writing an appropriate lyric that will compliment the melody. I highly praise this method of songwriting.”

— Kim Eana


Kim Eana has written the lyrics of over 100 songs and most K-Pop listeners will know the songs she’s worked on. IU – “Good Day” 

Taeyeon – “11:11”

Brown Eyed Girls – “Abracadabra”

SHINee – “Hello”

Source: E News 24