Here’s The Touching Reason Why BLACKPINK’s Jennie Cried In Their Concert

She’s the sweetest!

A true artist not only performs their songs to the best of their abilities, but also feels attached to them like family members. This is exactly what happened to BLACKPINK‘s Jennie in their concert.

Last 2018, she released a series of short episodes detailing her solo debut journey with “SOLO”. Part of Episode 4 featured her performing in a concert abroad.

Though she and her members lit the stage with their energetic title tracks…

…Jennie soon entered into a somber mood with their most melodic song, “Stay”.

This time let’s make eye contact and just enjoy the song.

— Jennie

Soon enough, the main rapper couldn’t keep her tears at bay when she sang her lines.

Her members immediately surrounded her and gave her side hugs. The tears wouldn’t stop flowing, concerning everyone in the venue.

Later on, Jennie explained that the reason she cried was because of the song’s somber and touching mood.

This moment is so touching. ‘Stay’ really hits my soft spot.

— Jennie

It wasn’t even the first concert where her emotions went haywire: “Even in the concert in Japan, I sang ‘Stay’ and cried.”

She explained that an artist feels closer to the song the more time they spend time with it.

I think the more you’re involved in the song-making process, the more you feel attached to the song.

— Jennie

So there you have it—sometimes Jennie feels the song so much, it brings literal tears to her eyes.


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