Touching Story Of A Grandfather, His Grandson And Chicken Restaurant Owner Goes Viral

A touching story of a fried chicken restaurant owner who gave chicken free to a grandfather and a grandson is warming everyone’s hearts.

The said grandfather and a grandson walked into a fried chicken restaurant one day.

The owner welcomed them and soon noticed that the grandfather didn’t have a left arm and his right hands were covered in scars.

They had ordered one chicken, and the grandfather just helped his grandson eat the chicken, without putting a single piece into his own mouth.

The grandson asked his grandfather why he is not eating any, and the grandfather said he was full and continued to help his grandson eat.

The restaurant owner quietly watched them and learned that the two live by themselves, as they struggle to get by every day.

The owner then carefully went up to the grandfather and the grandson.

“Sorry, our chicken is not up to our standards today.

We will make sure you can enjoy good chicken next time you visit.

The chicken is on us today. Please visit us again next time.”

— Restaurant Owner

The grandfather realized that the owner was creating a fake excuse to gift them while protecting the grandfather’s pride in front of his grandson.

Netizens were so touched by the restaurant owner’s consideration and generosity, expressing that the world needs more people like him.

Source: Insight