Tourists Arrested for Climbing a Sacred Mountain To Film A Video

A group of tourists have been arrested by Chinese authorities for climbing a sacred Taoist mountain in China.

The sacred Taoist mountain, Mount Sanqing, is one of China’s most famous national parks, it is home to more than 2300 species of plants and 400 species of animals and is heavily guarded.

According to an interview with The Daily Mail, security staff in charge of guarding the mountain told the tourists that they weren’t allowed to climb the rock pillar. The tourists ignored them and continued to scale the column of rock at Mount Sanqing.

After reaching its peak, the 3 rock disobedient rock climbers set up a drove to fly overhead and film themselves. However, they were spotted by local authorities who were then able to reach and arrest the group.

With the help of rescuers and local police, the tourists made it back to the ground safely and were detained for a week.

Check out the video of the Chinese authorities who arrested the tourists for climbing the sacred mountain!

Source: Nextshark and DailyMail