Trainee Of 8 Years Reveals He Was Cut From The Group For Breaking His Drumstick

He performed on TV for only 3 weeks.

Former About U drummer Victor has revealed the reason why he was kicked out of the group even after 8 years of training.

In a YouTube video he posted on March 10, Victor stated that he was fired for breaking his drumstick during an Inkigayo performance.

Hello, I was a trainee for 8 years and only on TV for 3 weeks. The reason I made a private YouTube channel? Because I got cut from my company. The reason I got cut from my company after 8 years of training and only 3 weeks of broadcasting? Please see for yourself.

He then proceeded to show a clip of him breaking his drumstick.

Soon after the performance, a representative from his company pulled him aside to inform him that they no longer wanted him in the group.

I broke a drumstick, not a person’s neck! So I’ve been banned from going on broadcast. Because I broke a drumstick, my neck also got broken. My company rep pulled me to a room and told me I could no longer be with them. I thought I was on some kind of audition program!

Victor ended by saying he has yet to tell his parents about the change in his situation. He is hoping to first reach 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

I couldn’t tell my parents that I’ve been cut. If you’re an acquaintance, please don’t send this to my mom. I think I need to get 100,000 subscribers and at least get a Silver Button before telling my mom.

Wishing him all the best!

Source: Youtube