Former T-ARA Member Han Areum Has Lost 13 kg By Just Being On “The Unit”

This The Unit contestant lost 13kg since her first interview with The Unit, completely changing her look.

Han Areum, now a participant of The Unit, is a former member of the popular girl group T-ARA.

Han Areum joined T-ARA back in 2012 and left the group the following year to pursue a solo career.

Her appearance on The Unit is actually her first real appearance in 4 years.

When she first appeared on the show, she had a round face and fans could see that she had gained a lot of weight since she left T-ARA.

Han Areum vowed to lose weight if she passed the audition…

… And has since kept her promise, having lost 13kg since her first interview with The Unit.

Her round face is gone and she has returned to her former visuals.

Now, that’s an impressive commitment!