This Trainee On “Mix Nine” Was So Beautiful Even YG Couldn’t Take His Eyes Off Her

Yang Hyun Seok visited Maroo Entertainment to meet the members of Bonus Baby.

Out of the members, Moonhee caught the most attention for her remarkable beauty.

Moonhee dressed in a form-fitting outfit as she danced to Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”.

As she performed, YG couldn’t stop smiling as she stole his undivided attention.

He couldn’t help but blush as she showcased her confident charms.

She was an ex-trainee at JYP entertainment before coming to join Bonus Baby.

Perhaps thanks to her background of extensive training, Moonhee easily owned the room in her dance performance.

YG complimented on her mind set on stage.

“I can see that Moonhee has confidence in her dance.”

— Yang Hyun Seok

She along 3 other members were cleared to pass onto the next level of auditions.

Netizens can’t wait to see Moonhee and the other Bonus Baby members improve throughout the show.