Trainees Called TXT’s Yeonjun “Intense,” But Here’s How He Proved Them Wrong

They immediately fell for his true personality.

While the title of “Big Hit’s Legendary Trainee” was earned by TXT‘s Yeonjun for his hard work and top scores, it also came with preconceived notions from other trainees.

Yeonjun recently opened up about what the other trainees had thought of him and how he quickly proved them wrong.


Weverse Magazine‘s Oh Min Ji asked Yeonjun how it felt when recalling his trainee days and how they “heard people mistook [him] for being intense.

Yeonjun cleared it up, “I guess it was hard for other trainees to talk to me because I was always frowning from how tired I was back then.” The trainees soon saw Yeonjun’s true personality.

He revealed how their perceptions changed. Yeonjun laughed while saying, “But they said that once they got to know me, they thought I was silly and soft.

| @mf_yj913/Twitter

Despite first impressions playing a part in figuring out someone’s personality, Yeonjun proves that looks can be deceiving.

Source: Weverse Magazine


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