TREASURE’s Asahi Had One Of The Most Unique Audition Tapes Ever, According To YG Entertainment’s Casting Leader

Here’s why.

It’s hard to imagine TREASURE without everyone’s favorite robot, Asahi. The Japanese member is famous for his often expressionless face, straightforward yet caring personality, handsome visuals, composing talent, and more.

It was because of his personality that the casting leader of the company, Suk Eun Jae, found him memorable. She recently sat down for an interview with WINNER‘s HOONY (also known as Lee Seung Hoon) where she talked about the ins and outs of this job including her past experiences.

To be brief, it’s the job of selecting new trainees.

— Suk Eun Jae

Her claim to fame in the company is that she is successful in picking potential K-Pop idols who started out as normal kids from Japan.

I’m mostly in charge of the Japanese market. TREASURE and BABYMONSTER are groups that I selected.

— Suk Eun Jae

Suk Eun Jae was even present when Asahi was scouted. She admitted that her initial reaction to him was one of intrigue, saying that he was “quite unique.” 

She considers it one of the most memorable online auditions in her career thus far.

Asahi’s application video was quite unique. He sang while looking at the sky, like in a trance.

— Suk Eun Jae

Asahi Pre-Debut

The team was worried that he was not fit to be an idol given that most people would instinctually look at the camera instead.

We wondered if we could train him. We were a bit reluctant.

— Suk Eun Jae

Luckily, they noticed the potential that young Asahi held and invited him back for the second round of auditions. Once everyone saw his jaw-dropping looks in real life, they knew that he could make it big.

Then we saw him in person and he was alright.

— Suk Eun Jae

When asked why he looked at the sky later on, Asahi replied simply that he wasn’t aware what the standard protocol for auditions was. HOONY accurately commented, “It made him look very innocent.”

Check out the full video below to learn more about the YG Entertainment audition process.

Source: YouTube


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