TREASURE’s Bang Yedam Always Lives Up To His “God Yedam” Nickname…Except When He Procrastinates Like The Rest Of Us

He’s 100% relatable.

TREASURE‘s Bang Yedam is all of us when we have to get things done! He’s an exceptional K-Pop idol, an intelligent student, and a mature kid who’s been in the industry since he was a child, but sometimes he’s just like us mortals as well.

In his solo TMI_LOG video, fans got to see his relatable side when he introduced his studio to everyone. After showing off his piano and work laptop, he sat down to get some lyric-writing done.

Yedam | TREASURE/YouTube

Unfortunately for him, he just wasn’t in the mood to do so! The editors aptly captioned his tired pose with, “I did sit to work…but I can’t be bothered to do it…”


He started tinkering with his pink film camera to pass the time.

Yedam also took a long break to play a video game on his studio television. His excuse was the classic, “I’m going to play TEKKEN to wake myself up.” This went on for an eye-brow raising amount of time…but at least he was happy!

And finally, he decided to play the piano, the closest he was to reaching his actual goal of writing lyrics.

In the end, he put himself back on track after he remembered, “Oh, I forgot. I have to work,” and he serenaded all of us with his honey-like voice!

Check out the full video below to see what it’s like living Yedam’s everyday life.

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