TREASURE Are The Biggest BLACKPINK And iKON Fanboys—And Their Cover Of “Classy Savage” Proves It

It was an impromptu “performance.”

TREASURE recently released the final episode of TREASURE Map Season 2. They travelled to Jeju Island to have a fun-filled day of swimming, building sandcastles, and chasing each other around with seaweed.

At the end of the day, they were randomly split into three different rooms to rest. Before they were finalized, the members remarked that JihoonHyunsukYoshi, and Junkyu would be “the worst” combination of roommates. Well, lo and behold, they ended up together!

It was soon obvious why they were not an ideal quartet—they just couldn’t fall asleep! It was the perfect opportunity for them to bring out their fanboy sides. They jammed to “Classy Savage,” iKON‘s cover of BLACKPINK‘s “Pretty Savage” on Mnet‘s Kingdom.

It was obvious that they watched the performance numerous times before. Jihoon was “Park Bobby” when he covered his senior’s rap, complete with the cloth over his head.

Hyunsuk imitated Lisa‘s solo part in the performance when she uncrossed her legs.

Since they lacked a flag on hand to copy the last part of iKON’s dance, they made do with a dustpan.

Jihoon didn’t forget the iconic ending pose when Song Yunhyeong “turned off” the performance like one would do to a television.

The TREASURE Map editors commented that TREASURE was “YG to the bone,” and we couldn’t help but agree! The way they danced to the song in the middle of their hotel room after a long day showed their natural swag.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out iKON’s and Lisa’s “Classy Savage” performance below.

And of course, view Episode 57 of TREASURE Map below.

Source: YouTube